Temporary Fence Rental Process

At NewQuality Fence Corp. we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an easy and quick process for renting high quality Temporary Fence.

With over 25 years of experience providing both Temporary and Permanent Fence services to New England and beyond, we understand our customer’s need to quickly secure an area from public access (e.g. Construction Sites, Events, Landscape Protection, etc.).

Our rental process is quick and easy and it all begins with our customers!

We’ve outlined our process below as a helpful guide:

  1. Customer calls, emails or submits an online “Request a Quote” form with a rental request. Please have the following information on hand to expedite this process;
    • Company name, address, phone, fax, contact name, cell & email
    • Project name and address
    • Rental Time Period
    • What type of fence is needed (panelized vs. driven), 6’ or 8’ high, linear footage, number of gates, windscreen or custom request information.
  2. A member of the Temporary Fence Division in our Estimating Department will generate a Temporary Fence Rental Agreement/Proposal, which will be emailed promptly to the customer for review. The Rental Agreement/Proposal price includes rental, one time installation, and one time removal.
  3. If the customer wishes to proceed with our Temporary Fence rental, they can simply sign the bottom portion of the Rental Agreement/Proposal and return it, via fax or email, to NewQuality Fence Corp.
  4. Once the signed Rental Agreement/Proposal is received in our office, a member of our Scheduling Department/Dispatcher will contact our customer and schedule the fence installation
  5. Upon arrival on-site for the installation, our Crew Foreman will proceed with the install under the supervision/direction of the Site Superintendent.  The Lessee will be responsible for marking and specifying location of fence and gates.
  6. When the rental has expired or when the fence is no longer needed on-site, removal can be requested by phone, email or contact form online. Fence rental can be extended in the event the fence is needed beyond the rental period/rental expiration date.
  7. Upon receipt of a removal request, removal by our Dispatcher will be scheduled and completed by our qualified Site Crew. The Lessee will be required to be on-site during removal and field verify quantity removed.
  8. Rental process complete