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Our Permanent Fence Options

NewQuality Fence is one of the largest full-service providers for a permanent fence in New England. We are union contractors with over 34 years of experience providing permanent and temporary fencing solutions and services. As an industry leader in commercial fencing, we understand our clients’ needs to work with highly skilled experts devoted to quality and safety while securing competitive project pricing that fits within budgetary constraints. We provide versatile fencing that can be customized to meet your specific needs. We are the most trusted team of professionals that clients rely upon for a safe, secure, effective commercial fencing solution.

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chain link fence

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are popular for properties and facilities, serving as perimeters for schools, athletic fields, campuses, parks, landscape protection, and more. We offer our commercial grade chain link fences in a wide range of heights, weights, and galvanized and PVC color options.

  • Sizing: Customized to client’s specifications.
ornamental fence

Ornamental Fence

Ornamental fencing is an effective solution for your needs, commonly seen around government facilities, public buildings, schools, parks, water treatment plants, private industries, and landscape protection.

  • Common Types of Ornamental Materials: Tubular Steel Ornamental, Tubular Aluminum, Ornamental Wrought Iron.
  • Sizing: Customized to client’s specifications.
wooden guardrail


Our quality guardrail protection is an excellent option for property protection and aesthetics. Depending on your needs, such as your specific application and style preference, we have a system right for you. Guardrails are often seen around government facilities, public buildings, schools, water treatment plants, parking lots, parks, and landscape protection.

  • Steel Guardrail: Galvanized W Beam. Cor-Ten W Beam Color Powder Coated with custom color lead time required.
  • Wood Guardrail: Timber Barrier, Steel-Backed Timber Barrier.
  • Flexible Systems: High-tension barrier, low-tension barrier.
  • Sizing: Customized to client’s specifications.
security fence

Security Fence

If you need to secure your property effectively, consider a robust security fence. We keep a wide range of properties and facilities safe, including airports, military bases, government buildings, public buildings, water treatments, electrical substations, and correctional facilities.

  • Common Types of Security Fence: Barbed wire, mini-mesh chain link, high-security ornamental.
  • Sizing: Customized to client’s specifications.


Bollards consist of standing steel, wood, and plastic guards intended to prevent damage from and direct, deter, and control vehicles. Our bollards are perfect for government buildings, military bases, airports, public buildings, schools, gas stations, electrical transformers, water treatment plants, and retail outlets.

  • Common Types of Bollards: Steel, timber, plastic.
  • Sizing: Customized to client’s specifications.
gates & operators fence

Gates and Gate Operators

Our gate and gate operating systems are perfect for your next fencing project. You can select from our wide range of commercial-grade gate products made from various materials to support your specific function and preferred aesthetics.

  • Common Types of Gates: Swing, cantilever rolling, overhead.
  • Common Types of Gate Operators: Chain link, ornamental.
  • Sizing: Customized to client’s specifications.
windscreen fence

Windscreen and Slats

We offer a range of windscreen and slat options that will be perfect for your property. Our selection is clean, secure, and ensures privacy. We can customize your choice with your preferred color, along with including your company log or artwork.

  • Standard Widescreen Color: Green or customized with client's color selection, logo, or artwork.
  • Slat Color: Client’s color selection.

The Optimal Fencing Solution for You

We have top-grade tools, equipment, and capabilities to deliver a high-quality commercial-grade fencing product with superior craftsmanship, all within the constraints of your budget and your schedule. If you’re a decision-maker of a facility, building, or Commercial Project Manager and need to secure it, we’re the industry-leading solution right for you. We’re here to provide you with superior craftsmanship with top-industry professionals.

To Get Started, Simply Contact a Member of Our Estimating Team

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